CB Shine

About Me Powered by Honda’s revolutionary optimax & Ergotec technologies, the CB Shine is a companion that understands & fulfills the rider’s need to do more in life by delivering superior performance that is nothing short of a dream come true. CB Shine is powered by a newly developed 125cc ’Optimax’ engine, which maintains Optimum input for maximum output and incorporates cutting edge technologies to deliver best balance of mileage and pickup. Due to its cutting edge Honda technologies, the 125 cc ’Optimax’ engine delivers class leading 10.3 BHP which enables Shine to deliver the best balance of pickup and mileage. CB Shine’s ’Ergo Tec’ Design with lightweight advanced diamond frame and double suspension offers superior absorption of shocks & vibrations thus providing excellent ride comfort & stability. Riding position based on human engineering ensures, less fatigue and firm & wide seating space with comfortable seating posture for pillion rider. CB Shine also comes equipped with host of innovative features like puncture resistant Tuff-up tube and Primary Kick/Self start for easier city riding etc.
Standout Graphics The new, edgy graphics of theCB Shine add to the elegance and get glowing reviews.
Maintenance Free Battery No leakages. No topping up. Now nothing can stop you from crossing the finish line first.
Disc Brakes The Front Disc Brake option provides sure & responsive control over any road surface & enhances riding comfort.
Winning Engine 125cc. 10.3 bhp. 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Great initial & overtaking acceleration. 65 km/l*. It’s Optimax Engine has an ability to develop high torque at low rpm for a smooth ride.
Striking ERGO-Tec Design CB Shine comes with Ergo-tec design providing easy handling and superior riding comfort based on human engineering.The light weight, advanced design diamond frame distributes load evenly to provide stability; while the 3-step spring-loaded hydraulic shockers gives it superior shock absorption capability.
Tuff-Up Tube The patented Tuff-up Tube in the rear tyre reduces the chances of punctures by 70%. Your chances of winning go up to 100%.
The Prized 3D Emblem The 3D Wing Mark Emblem on the fuel tank gives you that extra edge that winner’s can’t
do without.
Handle Bar Weights and Mirror Design The newly introduced Handle Bar weights give you more stability. It lets you stay in control giving you a far smoother ride. Check out your competition in your trendy mirrors.
Vivid Body Color Grab The body color grab guarantees your ride a noticeable sheen.
Viscous Air Filter The Viscous Air Filter helps you cut down on your maintenance costs so that nothing tarnishes your shine.
Engine & Transmission
Engine Type
Displacement (cc)
Net Power
Air Filter
Starting System
Gear Shift Pattern
Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, SI Engine
10.3 bhp @ 7500 rpm
1.1 Kg-m @ 5500 rpm
Viscous air filter
CV Type
Kick / Self
Constant Mesh, 4 Speed Gear
All Up